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Verizon lets last minute gift-givers text a coffee

Big Red makes it a breeze to send friends a Starbucks gift card this holiday season.

Verizon lets users send Starbucks coffee credits with text messages. Verizon

In a pinch for a holiday gift idea for friends, family, or co-workers? Not to worry, there's still enough time to get to the store or purchase something online. But, for those who cannot help but wait until the absolute minute, Verizon has your back.

Thursday sees Big Red announcing Starbucks eGift cards, a free gift card service available directly within the Verizon Messages application. Preinstalled on most of the carrier's smartphones, the app now lets users send caffeinated credits in a variety of denominations: $5, $10 or $25.

To send a Starbucks eGift card, you can select a background image and insert a short message. Your giftee gets a code to use at Starbucks locations, or to add to existing loyalty cards.

Verizon is rightly making things simple: recipients don't have to be Verizon customers, and gift cards are added directly to the sender's monthly Verizon bill.