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Verizon iPhone arriving February 7 for some?

Verizon's iPhone isn't expected to be available to customers until February 10, but Engadget is reporting that some folks have a shipment delivery date of February 7.


Some people who preordered the Verizon iPhone might get their hands on it a tad bit early.

Engadget is reporting that some people have received notices stating the smartphone is on its way to their homes. Moreover, the technology blog said that some folks have sent in their FedEx tracking screens, and the scheduled delivery date on some of those shipments is February 7.

The long-awaited Verizon iPhone, which was first announced last month, was put up for preorder yesterday. By the end of the day, Apple and Verizon were forced to stop preorders, due to the exhaustion of inventories. The device is expected to be available on Verizon store shelves on February 10.

Whether FedEx will hold shipments until February 10 or deliver the smartphone early remains to be seen. But it's worth noting that when the iPhone 4 shipped in June to AT&T customers, some folks received the smartphone two days prior to its official June 24 release date. Apple also let those customers activate the smartphone early.

Apple's iPhone is available to Verizon customers for $199 and $299 for the 16GB and 32GB models, respectively, after signing a two-year contract.

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