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Verizon has a new way for parents to track their kids

The carrier's new Smart Family app lets parents see where their kids are and limit their phone or tablet screen time.


Verizon Smart Family lets parents put limits on their children's mobile device usage.


Verizon has introduced new tools that make life easier for parents -- even if their kids won't be thrilled about it. 

The nation's largest wireless carrier on Thursday unveiled its Smart Family service, an enhanced version of its former parent monitoring program, FamilyBase. 

Smart Family will let parents set boundaries like content filters and limit screen time. That service costs $4.99 a month. For $9.99, Verizon Smart Family Premium lets parents track children's location. 

There are other apps that accomplish the same tasks, but Verizon is hoping that its brand reputation and its ability to bundle the services into one program will attract parents looking to keep a better eye on their kids.