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Verizon earns top marks in newest RootMetrics report

While all of the big four carriers fared well in calls and text, Verizon provided the best data experience in 2012.

RootMetrics scores the top four carriers across calls, texts, and data. RootMetrics

Mobile analytics firm RootMetrics this week announced a new report that provides a broad view of the mobile carrier landscape over the course of 2012.

Conducted using data from more than 2 million call, text, and data tests, the "2012 Carrier Performance in Review" report found that Verizon won out in most categories overall. While all of the big four fared well in calls and texts, data speeds and coverage pushed Verizon and AT&T over the top.

Verizon, which had 4G LTE service in all 78 tested markets, provided the fastest download (13.0 Mbps on average) and upload (7.9 Mbps on average) speeds. AT&T, for its part, was the first carrier to average 20 Mbps download speeds in any market.

Sprint didn't do quite as well in the area of data, as the 4G LTE footprint was nowhere near as large as its competitors. Looking ahead, Sprint should score better in 2013 as the LTE network continues to push forward.

T-Mobile, which had a 4G HSPA+ network, averaged 7.3 Mbps download speeds, yet still trailed Verizon and AT&T. Things should only get better for T-Mobile as the MetroPCS merger finalizes and the combined 4G LTE efforts get under way.

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