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Verizon drafts off Indianapolis 500 to hype 5G

The telecom company has set up shop near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to show off the capabilities of its 5G wireless service.


Verizon and Ericsson trucks ready for the Indy 500.


Verizon is hoping that auto racing fans on hand for the Indianapolis 500 will take a look at ultra-high speeds of another sort.

The company said Monday that it has worked with Ericsson and Intel to set up a house near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with 5G mobile fixed broadband service -- think a replacement for your wired DSL or cable internet connection, but without all the pesky wires.

The news comes just ahead of the Indy 500 race, which takes place Sunday.

5G is supposed to revolutionize the world with blazing high speeds, near-instantaneous responsiveness and the ability to connect multiple devices. But for now, backers are all about getting 5G to actually work.

Verizon wants to show off the capabilities of a 5G-connected house, and you can tune into Facebook to see the demos live. Beyond that, Verizon and Ericsson also tested 5G connectivity in a moving vehicle traveling 60 miles per hour on the Speedway.

It's not exactly race-worthy, but it's a start.

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