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Verizon announces flash UI

Verizon announces flash UI

Verizon Wireless announced yesterday that it was forming a partnership with Adobe Systems to start a user interface built around flash technology. Verizon said it would be the first carrier to introduce flash-enabled handsets that will allow developers to create new interactive content. Though Verizon isn't saying when we'll see the first flash handset, it's widely believed that the LG 8300 will be the first such model. Credit the sharp-eyed guys at PhoneScoop with the news.

Verizon also announced some entertainment-related news. Using its SongIdentity program, Verizon is working with Rocket Mobile to bring SongID 2 to select handsets equipped with the carrier's Get It Now Internet service. Like its predecessor, SongID 2 will let users identify more than 2 million songs by placing their phone near a music source and recording a 10-second clip. Once a song is identified, you'll also be able to download a matching ring tone for $2.99.

Finally, Verizon V Cast customers can now get videos from JibJab Media. You'll remember that JibJab made the popular "This Land" video, lampooning John Kerry and George W. Bush during the 2004 presidential election.