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Verizon accounts for a third of all U.S. iPhone 4s

The carrier has a healthy share of the market for Apple's smartphone despite criticism that sales seemed to be disappointing.

Apparently, the Verizon Wireless iPhone hasn't been as disappointing as initially feared.


MobileBeat, citing a study by Localytics, reported yesterday that Verizon's version of Apple's blockbuster phone made up 32 percent of all U.S. iPhone 4s, an impressive stat given that it began selling midway through the first quarter.

That would run counter to the growing belief that the Verizon iPhone has seen only lackluster sales. The launch came without the usual hype and long lines, leading some to question the draw of the device.

Following the launch of the iPhone, Verizon has downplayed its expectations for the phone. Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo said he believed Verizon would be on equal footing with AT&T with the next version of the iPhone, which would launch at the same time, and both would feature the ability to roam around the world.

In the first quarter, Verizon said it sold 2.2 million iPhones. In comparison, AT&T said it sold 3.6 million iPhones, although that total included the cheaper $50 iPhone 3GS.

The study said that Verizon's iPhone 4 market share jumped from 20 percent in February to 26 percent in May, and moved to a third by July.

A likely driver of the recent surge in sales at Verizon could be its recent move to a usage-based pricing plan. Verizon likely saw a spike in new customers ahead of its switch, which happened yesterday. AT&T stopped offering an unlimited data plan last year.