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Verity unleashes agents

Internet World Verity is demonstrating at Internet World a combination of search and push technologies designed for company networks.

Internet World Verity (VRTY) is demonstrating at Internet World today a combination of search and push technologies designed for company intranets.

Now entering beta, IntelliServ for Search '97 uses advanced search and retrieval "agent" mechanisms to gather customized network information from multiple sources and then pushes it to network users' desktops. The browser front end and integration with Windows NT come from Verity's January purchase of Cognisoft and its IntelliServ software. The acquisition gives Verity a new platform for leveraging its search engine: the increasing amount of data being "broadcast" to desktops.

"One of the things we really liked about IntelliServ is the high integration with NT administration services," which will allow network managers to customize the push to entire groups and not just individuals, said Verity product manager Mick Arnett.

Verity's Search '97 is actually a suite of products that includes publishing software, an agent server toolkit, an information server, and Microsoft Exchange-compatible software. Combined with the newly-acquired IntelliServ, the technology can store "hundreds of thousands of profiles" to let end users maintain multiple agent queries that constantly monitor the Internet or intranet for new information, according to Arnett.

With the IntelliServ front end, Verity can offer a prebuilt interface to customers who don't need a special one. Later in the year, Verity will make available an IntelliServ software developer kit for the creation of custom interface elements such as tickers, windows, and other components including but not limited to Java and ActiveX programs.

IntelliServ for Search 97 will run on Windows NT Server and is expected to ship in May. Pricing has not been announced.