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VeriSign exports e-mail security to Europe

Security specialist follows rivals in touting services package designed to protect networks from spam and viruses to European customers.

Amid similar moves by rivals, VeriSign has started selling its e-mail security services in Europe.

The security specialist announced Wednesday that it is extending the market for its services, which are designed to provide automatic updates to eliminate e-mail based threats and reduce time spent on e-mail system management. The services have been available in the United States since June.

The service is designed to help companies deal with the threat of spam and viruses, said Souheil Badran, a VeriSign vice president.

VeriSign, based in Mountain View, Calif., is making its push into Europe as other software players are testing the waters there.

German giant SAP, for example, entered the European security market in December. SAP, which is a leader in business applications in Europe, announced recently it would review customers' business systems for security vulnerabilities and then deliver a detailed report of the flaws and suggested fixes.

VeriSign's service offers three layers of spam-filtering, frequently updated scanning of threats via its three antivirus engines, and the ability for people to examine suspicious e-mails to assess their legitimacy.

One of the most notable threats to come out of Europe was the Sasser worm. Its author, German teenager Sven Jaschan, is awaiting trial in the case.