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VeriSign: E-commerce doing well

More people are setting up Web sites, and more people are visiting them, company says.

The registration of .com and .net domain names has grown at least 20 percent in the last year, indicating that companies are continuing to put their businesses online at a healthy pace, stated online infrastructure services provider VeriSign in its Internet Security and Intelligence Briefing report. The report, which will be released on Monday, finds that the number of domain lookups have also jumped nearly 12 times, indicating that more people are online as well.

The company's last report, in February, focused heavily on the growing Internet threats. In this report, the provider found that the number of security events detected peaked in March, falling about 20 percent in the following months. Moreover, consumer confidence seemed to be on the rise, with the average merchant client of VeriSign seeing a 13 percent increase in revenue.