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Verdiem dashboard displays PC power savings

Software company Verdiem adds a Sustainability Dashboard to better visualize energy savings and carbon reductions from automated PC power management.

What's the reading? Verdiem's dashboard can be customized to view energy and carbon emissions reductions. Verdiem

Verdiem on Monday is expected to release an add-on to its PC power-management software that gives people a customizable view of energy savings and carbon emissions reductions.

The Seattle-based company said that the software, called Sustainability Dashboard, offers a visual display for a number of metrics, such as savings over time, and translates that into the equivalent of cars removed from the road or trees planted.

It works with Surveyor, a program that lets IT departments automatically put computers on standby mode on a schedule. For example, it can turn off PCs at night that are left on or put a PC on standby after being idle for more than an hour.

The company says it can save a business between $20 and $60 per year by setting up power-management policies and that payback for the upfront investment can come in less than a year.

The company developed the Dashboard product so those savings can be better shared within a business.

"The challenge when you talk about green IT is how do you show tangible results--the economic savings, the carbon reductions--and share that real-time information," said Brett Goodwin, Verdiem's vice president of marketing.

The Dashboard can be customized to view different data--such as changing the date range for money savings--and can be embedded in companies' intranets. Because it works with Surveyor's server-based software, it cannot be embedded in public Web pages.

Verdiem also makes a free PC power-management tool called Edison for individual PC users.