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Venom chomps its way past Justice League at global box office

Thanks to record-setting numbers from China, the alien symbiote is devouring the DC superhero film.


Look out, Batman, Venom's chewing on the box office numbers for Justice League.

Sony/Warner Bros

Bye-bye, Batman. Adios, Aquaman. As of this weekend, Venom has passed 2017's Justice League at the global box office.

Venom, starring Tom Hardy as both Eddie Brock and the alien symbiote that overtakes him, opened back on Oct. 5 in the US, but just opened in China this weekend, earning $111 million. That's the largest-ever debut for a Sony film there, and the second-highest debut for a superhero movie in China, according to Box Office Mojo

Venom also earned another $4.85 million in the US. Its domestic earnings now stand at $206.2 million and global earnings at nearly $675 million, the site reports.

Justice League ended its worldwide run with $657.9 million, reports. It's a good sign for Sony and for the future of the oozy alien symbiote. Zooming past The Flash and the other big-name heroes who make up the Justice League is no small feat.

With this kind of earnings, a Venom sequel seems inevitable, despite "generally unfavorable reviews" on Metacritic and a poor critical rating of 29 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

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