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Venmo users can make purchases, split checks

The digital payment company has partnered with 11 retailers so far and is looking for more.


Venmo users can make purchases at retailers like Munchery, a fresh meal delivery service, and Dolly, an app that helps you move.


Venmo wants to make buying takeout with your friends as easy as possible.

The PayPal-owned company on Tuesday said it will release a feature that enables users to make purchases and split the bill at participating stores' apps, expanding on its digital payment platform.

Venmo launched a beta version for a handful of users in early 2016. Starting Wednesday, everyone gets to try it out. The company has partnered with 11 retailers, including Boxed, a bulk-ordering platform; Munchery, a fresh meal delivery service; Dolly, an app that helps you move; and production rental group Urgentli. Venmo hopes to add other companies eventually.

To make purchases through participating apps, choose Venmo at checkout rather than manually inputting your information. To split the check, go to a company's app, choose Venmo at checkout, pick your Venmo-using friends you'd like to split the bill with, add a caption and hit request.