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Velocity Micro gives us a sneak peek at its mystery Home Server

Early look at Velocity Micro's Home Server

At least from the left, Velocity Micro's new Home Server product looks sharp. Velocity Micro

We don't know its name, what it will cost, or even what its right side looks like, but you can add Velocity Micro's new mystery product to the list of others coming out this fall with Microsoft's newly finished Windows Home Server software. According to Velocity Micro, its Home Server will come in several different configurations, but across all of them it will feature a Conroe-based CPU and a high-end chipset. The idea is to limit bandwidth bottlenecks and account for future third-party software add-ons that may demand more than the basic system requirements of Windows Home Server itself. It will also be selling an expansion module with the goal of making it easy to add extra hard drives.

Velocity also told us that the feet come off, which will let you orient its new product either vertically or horizontally. That looks like a more flexible approach than HP's boxier MediaSmart server, although aesthetics probably matter less with these systems. They don't need a mouse or a keyboard, or even a monitor, so you might as well store it in a closet.

We don't have pricing yet from any of the Home Server hardware makers, Velocity's Chris Morley informed us that his product will likely be less than $1,000, and probably by a fair amount. He also answered with a noncommittal "no comment" when we asked whether it would be selling in Best Buy or Circuit City in addition to its Web site. He also wouldn't tell us exactly when the product is coming out, only that it will be available in time for Windows Home Server's official launch, expected roughly this fall.