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Velocity Micro: First with Vista SP1

Velocity Micro is first system builder to offer Vista SP1

Ah, Vista. It has forced many to return to the waiting arms of Windows XP, while sending others fleeing to the other camp. There are those who still remain in a holding pattern, waiting for Vista SP1 to be rolled out before plunking down for a new PC. If you're among this last group, Velocity Micro has a computer to sell you. It says it is the first system builder to begin selling systems preloaded with Vista SP1. A quick scan of its competitors' sites today--including those of Dell and HP--revealed nothing to contradict Velocity's claim. It's only a matter of time until every vendor has updated its lines with the latest version of Vista--Microsoft has previously stated that volume license customers would have the code by tomorrow--but we have to give Velocity credit for its hustle. At the very least, it could save you from a very looooooong download.

Velocity says it will begin shipping systems with SP1 on February 18. Celebrate Presidents' Day with a service pack!