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Vegas, baby

Vegas, baby

I'm just about 24 hours away from my third trip to Las Vegas this year: first for CES, second for a little March Madness, and now for CTIA 2006. While I think I'll steer clear of the tables (OK, maybe just one go on the nickel slots), there are some things I definitely plan on hitting--namely, the Motorola and Nokia booths. Why? Because I want to know when the Moto Q and Nokia E series are coming out. Sure, I understand product delays happen, but just how long are we expected to wait for these smart phones? As CNET reader rlcressy put it, "Well I give up ... 8 months from announcement [of the Motorola Q] to availability (and now 9 or 10 or maybe 12). Sorry, I'm tired of waiting ... Motorola, you've lost a ton of sales from my company alone." The latest word from Nokia is that the E series will start shipping in a few weeks, but no notice yet from Motorola.

What else to expect at CTIA? Well, I don't foresee too many product announcements in the smart-phone category, but I'm sure some new faces will pop up. I'm also looking forward to checking out some of the new services and content that will be available to mobile phones. With solutions such as MobiTV and next-gen technology such as WiMAX, won't all cell phones be considered "smart" sooner or later?