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Vega Note: Pantech dials up a phablet of its own

Pantech's latest Android smartphone could include a stylus and a fingerprint sensor.

Pantech's Vega Note is a phablet of its own. G 4 Games

Pantech, apparently not wanting to miss out on all of the phablet fun, appears ready to unveil one of its own. The Vega Note has a fair number of similarities to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, including the large screen and a stylus.

On paper, the Pantech Vega Note specs suggest the smartphone should be able to run with the pack of top Androids. While its rumored 2.3GHz quad-core CPU, 2GB RAM, and 3,100mAh battery are to be expected in today's flagship experience, the Vega Note could have an edge on the competition with that fingerprint sensor, as well as support for the faster LTE-A connectivity.

Additionally, a fast-charge feature should let users fully juice up the battery in a mere 94 minutes.

The full list of specifications and software is still unclear; however, we shouldn't wait long for things to become a little more official. An invitation sent out earlier in the month tells us we might see the Pantech Vega Note as soon as tomorrow, October 10.

If I were to wager a guess on US availability, I might look for either Verizon or AT&T to scoop up this smartphone. Historically these two carriers work together. While there's no pricing information just yet, Pantech typically releases powerful devices at lower prices, so we could see this come in for $150 or $200 rather than Samsung's $300 Note 3 cost.

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