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Vbox and GoLive 5 Trial version: a follow-up

Vbox and GoLive 5 Trial version: a follow-up

Regarding our previous coverage of Vbox and Adobe applications, a reader claims (we have not confirmed):

    I looked at the Golive 5 Trial with its electronic licensing and decided it was less risky to purchase the regular license ID with a physical CD. The reasons include your observations about the encryption, having to relicense from every time ones system configuration changes too much, thus disabling the software, and their method of protection. For example, the Golive 5 Trial is permanently disabled if the computer date changes outside the 30 day period. It can't be reinstalled without removing the protection.

    Besides the normal hidden preference files used by many programs, GoLive 5 Trial (version protected by Vbox from writes a different encrypted data sector to the hard disk's Apple_partition_map every time the GoLive 5 Trial program is run. I suspect this is done for other programs protected by Vbox. This may make it almost impossible for the normal computer user to fix a problem program. Reinstallation may require either getting new relicensing codes from; in the worst case it may require having to reformat the hard drive (such as with Drive Setup, since it rewrites the Apple_partition_map) and then reinstalling all of the software.