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Vaunted 'Optimus' keyboard goes white

Russia's Art Lebedev bucks yet another design trend.

Art Lebedev

This might not be worth mentioning if it were any other product, but it seems that every incremental development involving the "Optimus Maximus" keyboard is followed in excruciating detail. So proving that Crave is a full-service gadget blog, we dutifully report that the famed peripheral will be shipping in white, according to its official blog.

And leave it to its iconoclastic designer, Russia's Art Lebedev Studio, to buck trends once again. As computer and electronics makers have fallen in love with glossy piano-black finishes or stuck with the conventional silver, the studio has taken a completely different route--going with no pigment at all. At least they didn't go back to the putty tones of the mid-'90s.

But don't expect any savings on paint to be passed along to the consumers. The vaunted OLED keyboard still commands a price tag of $1,564.37.