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Vanity Mirror Watch: A timepiece for narcissists

Your watch is watching you if you have the Vanity Mirror Watch. It sports a reflective surface for checking out your look and red LEDs for telling time.

Vanity Mirror Watch
Why is there a gnome in this promo photo? I have no idea. Gadgets and Gear

You know you look good, but sometimes you just want to double-check. You could excuse yourself and go to the bathroom. You could find a reflective window and stare intently. Or you could subtly gaze at your watch.

The Vanity Mirror Watch is a chunky, shiny accessory that looks like it has been designed for a substantial man-size wrist. The marketing photos of a hairy arm sporting the watch are another tip-off that the target customer is a vain male. That probably won't dissuade a fashion-forward woman from picking one up.

It's hard to tell what the $69.95 Mirror Watch's top priority is. Is it mostly a mirror or mostly a watch? Considering that you have to press a button to get it to cough up the time of day, it's mostly a wrist mirror.

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The red LED hands that light up on the silver watch face add some sci-fi pizzazz to this gadget. You may be able to convince your buddies that your got it for the geek chic factor, when really you just want to make sure your heavily gelled hair hasn't shifted in the breeze.