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Call my agent! Crazy blockbuster movie salaries broken down

The cat is making twice what I'm pulling in! Vanity Fair video reveals salaries for a hypothetical film and now I'm contemplating a career change.

Ever sit and watch all of a movie's credits roll by, all the way through to the names of the animal wrangler, the alien-language dialect coach, and the assistant to the hairdresser for the stand-ins? And then shuffle to your battered Honda Civic in the theater parking lot figuring all those folks are living the good life in Beverly Hills mansions with infinity pools and private jets? Just me, then?

Vanity Fair decided on Wednesday to break down the salaries of everyone mentioned in the credits for a hypothetical $200 million movie, and it's an entertaining lesson in reality.

There are some whopping sums up front, of course: $4 million for the director, a cool million or so for each producer, $3.2 million for one lucky writer (Stephen King, is that you?) and slightly less for other writers. The lead actor rakes in $12 million, the secondary leads a little less. And then it starts to get funny.

An Oscar-winning actor who makes only a cameo scoops up $75,000. The actor playing the "doctor who delivers bad news" takes home $7,500. The actor who "had a scene with the female lead, but it was cut" earns $1,920, the same as the one who plays "intimidating bouncer at nightclub." (I kind of want to see this movie now.)

Five thousand uncredited extras make $148 each. (They're zombies, aren't they? Zombies have no brains to negotiate.) But the movie's cat (is it a zombie cat?) makes $13,000. The cat's Oscar potential is never explained.

You can watch the rest of the credits yourself for more gems like that, but just remember: A stunt player who's on fire makes double that of one who just falls through a window.