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Vancouver to give spectators a better flame view

VanOC plans to move some of the current fencing around the Olympic cauldron and add a rooftop observation point providing an unobstructed view.

A current (fenced-out) view of the Olympic cauldron. CC roland/Flickr

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--Bowing to intense criticism that the Olympic cauldron was too hidden, organizers on Wednesday announced plans to improve the view.

In a statement, the Vancouver Organizing Committee said it would move some of the current fencing and add a rooftop observation point that provides an unobstructed view of the Olympic flame.

"The Olympic cauldron is a powerful symbol, and the desire to get as close to it as possible has been remarkable--more than we expected," VanOC CEO John Furlong said in a statement. "We are pleased to provide enhanced opportunities for all to see the cauldron in its spectacular waterfront setting--at its best. We invite everyone to come and enjoy it from this vantage point."

The inhibited view has been one of several issues to mar the early days of the Games.

Organizers on Tuesday said they had underestimated public demand to get close to the cauldron. However, it is unclear whether the latest move will fully satisfy that criticism.