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Van Goeben and perspectives for our lives

A News.com reader writes that every executive in America should read this Perspective, then tuck it away to pull out again later when another "crisis" or "issue" arises.


Van Goeben and perspectives for our lives

In response to the Sept. 29 column by Robert van Goeben, "When tech concerns pale in comparison":

I never reply to articles I read, so this is a first.

Let me say that I had turned my computer off after reading van Goeben's article and was going to go upstairs, but I felt I needed to reply now, not later.

In short, excellent article! Worth every minute of reading, and a couple of hours of pondering, for every executive in America. Then tuck it away in the back of your mind, and pull it out again every time there comes a "crisis" or an "issue" that needs attention.

Thank you for the insight, and the renewed "Perspective" on the real challenges we face.

Erik Hemeyer