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Vampiric nerdlings will cower at your floating Bluetooth speakers

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker floats in the water, pairs with your phone

Sounds like the future... ChinaVasion

While all those pale suckers are indoors playing around with their videogames, you could be enjoying the summer heat, lounging in a pool and aquadancing to your favorite jams with Elima, a Bluetooth speaker designed to make your summer days even brighter.

This little orb packs in a pair of 2-watt speakers on both sides, providing you with stereo sound while it floats around in your pool. You can connect any Bluetooth device with A2DP/AVRCP and stream music from up to 30 feet away. If a call comes in while you're lounging, the Elima will automatically pause your track and pick up the call through the speakers, and all the controls you need to change tracks and lower/raise the volume are seated directly on top of the circle.

Get one now for $40 and don't forget to show off your golden tan to your milky roommates as you walk in the door.

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