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Valve's new Steam Labs is a place for weird experimental Steam things

A new section in the game store contains Steam's works in progress, including a machine-learning recommendation engine.


Steam Labs: where experiments will be found.


Valve is already a company full of experiments. Now its Steam game store has an experiments hub, too. If you're someone who likes to know about Steam's funky experiments and try them as much as you can, Valve has a feature you might want to head to. The company just announced the launch of Steam Labs, an official destination where the company's new ideas are gathered for anyone to try out.

Steam's had a bunch of experimental features before, but this is a new place to gather them together. The experiments actually sound pretty fun and useful. There are a collection of 6-second micro trailers, and a half-hour video of new game releases called The Automated Show.

Valve is also launching a new machine-learning, neural network-based game recommendation engine called The Interactive Recommender that will suggest games from the back catalog over the last 10 years, or lesser-known games from the past six months, based on your play history. 

The new Steam Labs hub is available today.