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Valve: meeting with Tim Cook never happened

Apple's CEO didn't ever meet with the gaming giant, according to Valve head Gabe Newell.

Remember that rumour we brought you about Apple's CEO Tim Cook paying a visit to gaming behemoth Valve? Well it turns out not to be true, Kotaku reports.

At least, that's what Valve head honcho Gabe Newell told Seven Day Cooldown. When asked about the meeting with Cook, Newell responded: "We actually, we all sent mail to each other, going, 'Who's Tim Cook meeting with? Is he meeting with you? I'm not meeting with Tim Cook.' So we're… it's one of those rumours that was stated so factually that we were actually confused."

Just in case anyone was in any doubt, Newell went on to add: "No one here was meeting with Tim Cook or with anybody at Apple that day. I wish we were! We have a long list of things we'd love to see Apple do to support games and gaming better. But no, we didn't meet with Tim Cook. He seems like a smart guy, but I've never actually met him."

Or is that what he'd like us to think? Look at the wording. He said no one from Valve met with anybody at Apple "that day". I know -- I'm probably reading too much into it and just wishing it to be true. Although I suspected all along that the meeting was wishful thinking, I can't let go of how exciting an Apple and Valve hook-up would be.

What would they collaborate on? A rival to Google's Project Glass augmented reality specs perhaps? Or a whole console to go with the much mooted Apple TV set? Both of these were rumoured following the supposed Tim Cook spotting, but they'll have to stay pie in the sky, for the time being at least.

Still, Valve is working on wearable computing, though it won't involve hardware, possibly ever. But still, I can dream…

What do you think Valve's wearable computing will involve? And is it more exciting than Project Glass? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.