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Valve launches new DLC platform for Steam

Steam, the darling of the online content delivery world, has just added another string to its futuristic bow -- downloadable in-game content

Steam, the darling of the online content-delivery world, has just added another string to its kaisatsuko -- downloadable in-game content.

Valve's Steam platform has revolutionised the distribution of PC games online, and offers titles from the likes of Rockstar, Capcom, Activision, Codemasters and Ubisoft, to name just a few. Now these developers can sell new content for their games through Steam, even if the game was originally bought from a shop.

The first title to support this is The Maw from Twisted Pixel Games. Two new levels can be added to the game for £1.10 each, and are treated as 'deleted scenes', and inserted into the main game's storyline as if they hadn't been deleted in the first place.

What is DLC?

Paid-for DLC (downloadable content) has become a massive business since Microsoft first introduced it in the form of a map pack in 2003, for the Xbox title Mech Assault.

Since then, developers of popular titles including Rock Band, Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto and Tomb Raider have sought to capitalise on the ease of selling add-ons and extra levels via broadband connections, using micropayments.