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Valentine's Day gifts for the geeky girl

Your girlfriend will love these geeky gifts on Valentine's Day.

This time of year, most men are thinking the same thing: another Valentine's Day, another overpriced necklace. Well, gentlemen, us girls are tired of the same old bling, so it's time you ditch the Tiffany's box and get us a gift that's as geeky as we are.


1. Juicy Couture Heart USB Drive. Even though your girl is a little geeky, it doesn't mean she can't be fashionable, too. For $65, you get a measly 1GB of storage, but everyone knows you have to pay a price for fashion. Bonus: it comes gift-boxed!

2. HP Vivienne Tam Netbook. We love this red, pink, and purple Netbook at CNET, and your valentine will too. It has an ultra-comfortable keyboard, and a 10-inch screen. Be careful, though--it may just be the new love of her life.

3. Chocomiis. Are you more of the traditional type? Well, you can still gift her with chocolates, but these ones have a twist: chocolate Wii avatars. This may be the geekiest Valentine's Day gift yet, because it also comes in a box that looks like the Nintendo Wii.

Paul Pepe Designs

4. Nintendo DS accessory pack. This is when I wish I still had my Nintendo DS. The set comes with a flashy rhinestone case, a pink stylus, and an earbud case that doubles as a compact mirror--just to make sure she looks good while she plays. Not into the whole set? You can order just the case from

5. Elecom jeweled earbuds. If you'd still like to give her jewels this year, try these heart-shaped, rhinestone earbuds. They're a great substitution for those boring iPod buds, and she'll be thinking of you every time she puts those little hearts in her ears. They're available in pink, white, and black for $24.95.

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