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Valentine's Day gift ideas for the passionate home cook

Keep them happy with kitchen gear.

If you're Googling "giant teddy bear" or "roses near me," step away from your phone. Then come back and take a look at our roundup of Valentine's Day gifts for him and for her that are actually useful, especially for the home cook in your life. (And if you're that home cook in your life, treat yo'self.)

These Valentine's Day gift ideas are the kind of go-to tools all kitchens can benefit from and that your sig o will use often -- not for that one time a year he or she is craving a panini. Below, find what cooks really want on Valentine's Day (that has nothing to do with chocolate or flowers).


Baking with love is easy, but baking with loved ones sometimes isn't. If you have well-meaning helpers in the kitchen, these copper-plated cooling racks will come in handy. They're nonstick, and perfect for icing, sugaring and cooling cookies or other treats. Also? We love the color, which is no small thing. And they're versatile, too; use them to drain fried chicken and other savory goodies between sweets.

Blue Apron

My dad actually bought me and my three siblings cast-iron skillets for the holidays. While I'm grateful, I wish it was this one, which is lighter than the average cast-iron skillet (ours were quite the addition to our suitcases coming back home). This one is nonstick and makes for an excellent serving dish for something like a large chocolate chip cookie.


This matte black fiber cutting board -- available in the long style shown above, or in a round shape -- can double as a cheese board but also beautifully display a sliced skirt steak. Prep and serve with one less thing to wash. (Did we mention it's dishwasher-safe?)


The buzz about air frying is justified; ditto the buzz about the Instant Pot. But counter space is short, so this ingenious version that functions as both a pressure cooker and air fryer (not to mention slow cooker, steamer, etc.) is perfect for those who love making fast and healthy homemade meals.

Blue Apron Market

well-made knife is life-changing for a cook who puts his or her equipment through the wringer. Blue Apron worked closely with Togiharu, a world-class purveyor of Japanese steel, to create this handcrafted, chef-approved knife. Adding this to a home cook's repertoire is an easy way to make them feel like a pro.

Sur La Table

Dutch oven is an essential for any cook; it does everything from soups and stews to frying, braising and even baking, and when it's Le Creuset, it looks gorgeous too. The classic enameled cast-iron cookware comes in an endless array of colors, but this weathered blue Sea Salt shade is a current favorite.


Spreadable butter is a godsend. This keeper holds up to 7 ounces and keeps butter fresh for 30 days. Plus, it's the perfect addition to a dinner or brunch table that'll make entertaining all the more classy.

Sur La Table

Staub is beloved enough not to have to be modest, and Chowhounds are among the many fans of its so-called Perfect Pan. It can be used for stir frying, pan frying, braising, sautéing and more, on the stove or in the oven, and the included rack lets you steam, keep food warm or drain fat. The glass lid is oven-safe as well. Definitely seems to live up to its promise.


Those who are great bakers and not-so-great bakers can both agree that precision is key when flouring up. This cupcake scoop is made for the baker who strives for even cooking and uniform cupcakes (and muffins and cookies, etc.).


This gadget is a lifesaver (pun intended). Makes sense it's one of Oprah's favorite things -- it keeps herbs fresh for up to three weeks (seriously!). A similar option approved by America's Test Kitchen is this Cole & Mason Fresh Herb Keeper.

For more great gift ideas, visit our Valentine's Day 2020 Gift Guide headquarters.