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Valentine tea for two

Share a cup of tea with your sweetheart just in time for Valentine's Day with the Big Heart Tea Infuser.

The Big Heart Tea Infuser EuroTCup

Tea infusers tend to be pretty standard: a metallic mesh container that you can fill with tea leaves and drop into a pot of hot water. You let the leaves steep for a while and soon you have fresh tea. The Big Heart Tea Infuser is identical in use to other infusers, but its shape makes it stand out. This infuser is heart-shaped and is a little bigger than normal. It measures two inches across, offering more than enough space to make tea for two. If your sweetheart likes drinking tea, the Big Heart Tea Infuser may be a thoughtful touch to add to Valentine's Day.

The Big Heart Tea Infuser is made from high-quality stainless steel. The higher quality is important because low-grade stainless steel will corrode when it is exposed to the tannins found in loose tea. The Big Heart Tea Infuser is priced at $3.49. EuroTcup, the company that makes the Big Heart Tea Infuser, also offers other tea-related products including a wide variety of loose-leaf tea. You can order tea along with your infuser and be able to try it out the moment it arrives.