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Vader steers you to the Dark Side on Garmin GPS

Garmin adds Darth Vader voice navigation to its GPS devices. Jedi Master Yoda is coming soon.


Road rage much? If you've got a Garmin, you can now get your Force freak on with Darth Vader as your co-pilot.

About a year after TomTom, Star Wars characters have come to Garmin navigation devices starting with the Sith Lord himself.

Available for $12.99 from Spot It Out's GPS App Shop,, and Best Buy, the Vader voice package features directions such as "You have reached your destination, impressive, most impressive" and "Traffic ahead. The Emperor has foreseen it."

I bet he didn't foresee Carmageddon.

Parts of the "Star Wars" score are thrown in, as well as TIE fighter and lightsaber sound effects.

Check out the demo below. I don't know who does the voice work, but the TomTom version sounds a little more evil.

Yoda is expected to hit Garmin devices next week, featuring dialogue with Obi-Wan Kenobi taken from the films. TomTom's Star Wars voices also feature Han Solo and C-3PO.

I'm still waiting for Chewbacca or Jabba the Hutt to guide me.