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Vacuum footwear lets you 'shoe-ver' your house

Each Foki concept shoe is a rechargeable rubber-lined plastic spring-cleaning slipper with rotary cleaners that pick up dust and bacteria.

Foki vacuum shoes
If these make it to market, you'll be able to wear your shoes and vacuum with them too. Adika Titut Triyugo

Nobody likes hoovering. It's an enormous chore, but sadly, until they invent non-crumbling cookies we're stuck with it. If running a vacuum cleaner 'round the place is doing your back and head in, you'll like the Foki shoe--a concept product that lets you "shoe-ver" your house.

Foki is a vacuum cleaner concept developed by Indonesian industrial designer Adika Titut Triyugo that definitely does not suck--even though it does. Don your housecoat and pinafore, put your hair up in rollers, and step into your Foki shoes to see what we mean.

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