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V-Moda earphones meld phone, music

Controls for both functions built into headset, marketed for iPhone.

V-Moda has always been able to combine quality with high fashion, not an easy feat considering the limited canvas afforded by something as small as an earbud. And now it's managed to cram a key new function into its headsets as well.


The latest version of its "Vibe Duo" model is designed for the iPhone with a built-in set of controls that include functions for calls as well as music--yet another reflection of the ever-converging worlds of mobile handsets and media players. Apple includes its own headphones with the iPhone but worked with V-Moda to develop its new model, presumably for the high-quality sound that the Vibe can provide.

Although it's being marketed for the iPhone, V-Moda says the $99 Duo can also be used with the iPod and non-Apple players and phones, including the Blackberry Curve and Sidekick 4. As for the look, we've always been partial to V-Moda's black and chrome designs, which are offered again here. We knew there was a reason the company is based in Hollywood.