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UUNet spans globe for Internet access

UUNet Technologies will make Internet access easier for global travelers.

UUNet Technologies announced today a service that will make Internet access easier for mobile users who roam the globe.

The Fairfax, Virginia-based Internet service provider, which currently offers points of presence in 288 international cities, will offer a roaming capability that allows users to dial into local POPs in any country. Previously, users would have to maintain separate accounts in different countries.

The company will charge users a $6 surcharge for the roaming option.

By the end of May, roaming will be available in Canada, England, France, Germany, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Japan, and Australia. A month later, roaming service will be extended to Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong.

UUNet has said it will work with its new parent company MFS Communications to expand its international presence in the coming year.