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UTStarcom sneaks in the CDM7126

UTStarcom announces the CDM7126 at CTIA 2008

UTStarcom CDM-7126C for Cricket
UTStarcom CDM-7126C for Cricket UTStarcom
UTStarcom 7126M for MetroPCS
UTStarcom 7126M for MetroPCS Nicole Lee/CNET Networks

UTStarcom didn't have much of a presence at this year's CTIA, but it did sneak in an announcement of the AWS-enabled CDM-7126 handset for both Cricket and MetroPCS. The Cricket version is dubbed the CDM-7126C and the MetroPCS version is dubbed the CDM-7126M. They're both about the same, save for the look of the front surface. As for the phone itself, it's a pretty standard device, made for the entry-level market though it does have Bluetooth as well. The front surface is pretty unique in that there are LED indicators for incoming calls and text messages, as well as battery and signal strength without the need for an external LCD. The pricing and availability are not known yet, but we think both of these will debut pretty soon.