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UTStarcom PCS1400 looks like Moto Slvr clone

UTStarcom PCS1400 looks like Moto Slvr clone

The Motorola Slvr is barely out the gate, and it seems that UTStarcom has already planned a lookalike model. We spotted the UTStarcom PCS1400 at CES today, and we couldn't help but notice the similarities, bearing in mind that the PCS1400 is still in prototype stage--we don't even know if this will be on the market any time soon. Measuring 4.3 by 1.8 by 4 inches, the PCS1400 is a lot thicker than the Slvr's 0.4 inch, but it still looks pretty. It could be a single-mode CDMA (1900) phone, with WAP 2.0 support, a 1.5-inch 65,000-color CSTN display, a couple of preloaded games, and an MSM6050 chipset. There is unfortunately no camera on the phone. This leads us to believe that the PCS1400 could be marketed as a more affordable version of the Slvr. Again, we have no idea if this will be a reality, but it certainly looks like a promising Slvr competitor.