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UTStarcom announces a skinny candybar handset

UTStarcom announces a skinny candybar handset

The UTStarcom PCS-1450 is an upgraded version of the PCS1400, pictured here CNET

UTStarcom has unveiled a third phone at CTIA today, which is in addition to the CDM-7026 and the CDM-7076 phones announced earlier this week. Described as an ultra-thin candybar handset, it was nowhere to be found at the UTStarcom booth yesterday, but we did get word that it is unofficially titled the UTStarcom PCS1450. An upgrade to the UTStarcom PCS1400 (otherwise known as the Virgin Mobile Slice), the PCS1450 maintains the same super-slim lightweight profile as its predecessor but amps it up with two additional features: a VGA camera and Bluetooth support. We'll try to get an image of the phone and post it up here shortly, but the UTStarcom rep assured us it'll look quite similar to the PCS1400. I'm sure you're tired of hearing this, but pricing and availability is unknown at this point.