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uTorrent 3.0 arrives with streaming and Web UI

One of the most popular BitTorrent clients in the world goes version 3, and adds streaming video/audio support, a Web UI to control downloads, and more.

The lean, mean, green machine is back, and better than ever. BitTorrent

Release the hounds! uTorrent 3.0 was released yesterday for seeders and leechers everywhere.

Four million users tested various alpha, beta, and release candidate versions of the anticipated v3 of the popular BitTorrent software, which is a darling of the download scene owing to its simple interface and lightweight footprint (for example, the installer is only 624KB). A slew of new features are embedded in the upgraded client, including streaming video; uTorrent remote; ratings and comments; and drag and drop sending. There's also mention of an exciting new encrypted Web-based UI, dubbed uTorrent Web, which enables access to µTorrent from anywhere on the Internet (you can also control the software using Android Remote for uTorrent).

BitTorrent also detailed a new app called uChat, which allows users of uTorrent 3.0 and BitTorrent Chrysalis clients to communicate with each other. Now all of those flame wars going on in torrent comment threads can happen in real time! The company hopes that the chat add-on will be a place for all users to help one another, share tips, and possibly pose as "an interesting marketing/social engagement opportunity for independent artists and creators to directly communicate with their fans."

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Here is a breakdown of the new features in uTorrent 3.0, according to the official press release:

  • Streaming: Watch videos within seconds with progressive downloading--no need to wait for the entire file to download. This feature is especially useful for previewing a file before committing to the full download.
  • uTorrent Remote: Start, stop, and monitor torrent downloads on the go. Access the uTorrent client from any Web browser (visit to sign up), or download the beta of our Android app.
  • Ratings and Comments: Ratings enables the collective wisdom of the community to ensure the quality and security of downloaded torrents. Join in and contribute by simply clicking on the ratings or comment buttons in the torrent manager.
  • Drag and Drop Sending: Easily send massive personal files--e.g., home movies, smartphone videos, and hi-res photos--directly from uTorrent. Select a file on your computer, drag it into the uTorrent "Drop files to send" box, and uTorrent will create a Web link. Send the link via e-mail, social-media post, or similar means to share your content.
  • Simplified UI: Minimize parts of the uTorrent interface with a click. Perfect for anybody who wants a minimal interface, this feature cuts out distractions and focuses on the business of finding and playing content.
  • Portable Mode: Run the uTorrent client directly from a USB key and take it anywhere.
  • Stability, etc.: Under-the-hood improvements including a focus on stability as well as improved Web seeding to add speed and reliability to the process of finding the original source of a single-source file.
  • uChat app (beta): Chat with other uTorrent users around the world in real-time by installing this optional app.

Some other interesting facts mentioned by the BitTorrent group about uTorrent: the software is available in 30 languages, usually supports 100 million active monthly users, and is downloaded on average more than 400,000 times a day.

(Via TorrentFreak)