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Utilties Updates: Apple G5 firmware; StuffIt Deluxe�8.0.2; PDFmerge�1.0; more

Utilties Updates: Apple G5 firmware; StuffIt Deluxe 8.0.2; PDFmerge 1.0; more

Apple G5 firmware 5.1.4  provides changes for initializing and running your Power Mac G5. It provides some performance improvements for some PCI-X configurations, patches a security hole and improves fan behavior in Open Firmware.

StuffIt Deluxe 8.0.2 is a comprehensive archiving tool. In version 8.0 of StuffIt Deluxe a kernel panic could occur as a result of a conflict between StuffIt AVR and other non-Apple kernel extensions. The version of AVR included in StuffIt Deluxe 8.0.2 has been completely rewritten to avoid this problem. The version of StuffIt AVR included in StuffIt Deluxe 8.0.2 no longer installs or uses a kernel extension.

PDFmerge 1.0 is a tool to assemble, merge, split PDF documents

Path Finder 3.1 is a file browser with many file utilities. The latest release adds new compression options, display customizations, and more. Memory usage and performance has also been improved.

Default Folder X 1.9.3b4 is an enhancement for open/save dialog boxes. The new release works around a bug in Adobe Photoshop CS that could cause it to crash when Default Folder X was running under Mac OS 10.2 with Talking Alerts turned on in the system's Speech preferences.

A-Dock X 1.0 is an app switcher/launcher

  • Apple G5 firmware 5.1.4
  • StuffIt Deluxe 8.0.2
  • PDFmerge 1.0
  • Path Finder 3.1
  • Default Folder X 1.9.3b4
  • A-Dock X 1.0
  • More from Utilities Updates