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Utilities Updates: Xcode; XRay; SoftRAID; SwitchRes; PDF Browser Plugin

Utilities Updates: Xcode; XRay; SoftRAID; SwitchRes; PDF Browser Plugin

Xcode Update 2003-11-03 is an update to Apple's software development tools for OS X 10.3 Panther. The update "addresses an issue in the Xcode IDE that could potentially lead to data corruption or the loss of files particularly when source files contain illegal characters." (Currently available only via Software Update.)

XRay v1.0.7 is the popular alternative Get Info tool. Version 1.0.7 provides a number of Panther-related improvements, as well as several general improvements and new features.

SoftRAID 3.0 is a drive utility that allows you to set up software-based RAID arrays using two or more drives. It supports any combination of FireWire, AA, SCSI, USB, and Fibre Channel drives. Version 3.0 provides Panther compatibility.

SwitchRes X v3.1.1 is a utility that provides quick access to screen resolution, bit depth, and mirroring controls from the Dock, menu bar, or contextual menus. This version provides a few bug fixes and better compatibility with the third-party utility FruitMenu.

PDF Browser Plugin v1.2.2 allows Web browsers to display and print PDF files. This update corrects a problem with OmniWeb.

  • XRay v1.0.7
  • SoftRAID 3.0
  • SwitchRes X v3.1.1
  • PDF Browser Plugin v1.2.2
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