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Utilities Updates: WYSIWYG, AutoCat; Invisible Prefs; more

Utilities Updates: WYSIWYG, AutoCat; Invisible Prefs; more

ACTION WYSIWYG 1.0.3 lets you customize your Font menu the way you like it, grouped the way you want, in a unique multi-column menu. The update fixes a problem that would cause crashing in Adobe Illustrator 9.

    Update: The control panel and extension file version number is still listed as 1.0.2 - at least for some users. Kevan Staples found that his extension was updated to 1.0.3.

    Update: Stephen Hart notes that the 1.0.3 version appears to have fixed a problem where selecting menu items in AppleWorks 6.0.4 would cause a crash if WYSIWYG 1.0.2 was enabled.

AutoCat 2.9.1 catalogs all your removable volumes by using aliases.

Invisible Prefs 0.2 finds, shows, and makes copies of invisible items in your Preferences folder. Initial reader comments in VersionTracker suggest it still needs some work before moving up to a 1.0 version.

CharView 1.0b6 shows up all printing characters of a selected font. Selected character(s) can be copied to Clipboard.

Thoth 1.0.6 is a Usenet newsreader application. Thoth now goes offline when the Mac goes to sleep, canceling any operations that are in progress. When the Mac awakens Thoth will go back online if it was previously online. The update also adds support for using multiple preferences files.

AShare Helper 2.0b10 is an application to help AppleShare IP Server Administrators with the upkeep of their Servers by doing a number of minor tasks, then sending notification to remote locations via email. The update fixes some bugs.

AppleStore Order Status Utility 1.1 is a small program that remembers your order information and informs you of changes to the status of your order when double-clicked.

Brother MFC-9600 1.5.3 is the printer driver for the USB Multifunction units.