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Utilities Updates: WinTel 1.2.1; SureType 1.0; AE Monitor 1.6; more

Utilities Updates: WinTel 1.2.1; SureType 1.0; AE Monitor 1.6; more

WinTel 1.2.1 is a tool for configuring and utilizing the included optimized open source "Bochs" software, allowing operation of x86/Pentium-based operating systems under Mac OS X 10.2 or later. This newest release has enhanced performance and stability, as well as support for an internal modem, and the ability to save settings.

SureType 1.0 allows users to define text shortcuts that insert frequently typed text, open Web sites and applications.

AE Monitor 1.6 allows Mac OS X developers to capture, analyze, and recreate Apple Events. The new release's Event Data Browser presents data in a browsable, tree-style format

Print It! 1.1 lets users instantly select and print anything they can see on their monitors -- even if it's not normally selectable. In the new release the default highlight color for users of Panther has been changed from white to light grey for better viewability.

Snard 2.2 is a launcher program that provides many of the functionalities of Mac OS 9's Apple and Application menus, but can be used as a system menu, from the dock or as a hot key activated popup menu. In the new release the size of list area has been increased.

  • WinTel 1.2.1
  • SureType 1.0
  • AE Monitor 1.6
  • Print It! 1.1
  • Snard 2.2
  • More from Utilities Updates