Utilities Updates: Wapp pro; BeHierarchic (really!); VistaScan; more

Utilities Updates: Wapp pro; BeHierarchic (really!); VistaScan; more

Wapp pro 2.4.2 is the latest version of this windows/applications switcher. It corrects a "Wapp pro not loaded at startup" problem.

Wapp Floater 1.1.3 fixes a few bugs. It is a companion to Wapp pro that displays all the opened windows of the front application in a floating palette.

Witchdoctor 2.0 allows the user to manipulate files in several way by means of plug-ins.

PrintToPDF 1.1.1 is a a bug-fix update to this Macintosh printer driver that creates PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files.

WafToWay 1.3 displays process memory usage in a color coded bar on the side of the screen. It also lets you quit one or all running applications, manually or automatically.

BeHierarchic 4.1.1 (which we noted here on Monday) is finally really out now.

ClickLock 1.0 allows you to click-drag an item without having to continue holding down the mouse/trackpad button.

ViaHTTP 1.7.1 lets you start/resume HTTP and FTP downloads. This update fixes a bug with FTP downloads .

Blue Box Simple Site 1.1 claims to you create a web site for you without any knowledge of HTML.

Y2K Software Audit 1.35 is a update to the "Y2K bug" checker. Better hurry, 2000 is just two weeks away!

UMAX VistaScan USB 3.5.2 is recommended for iMac DV and iBook users.

Norton updates bypass LiveUpdate Norton AntiVirus 6.0.1 is now available for direct download, bypassing the need to use LiveUpdate. [We have previously noted the similar availability of Norton Utilities 5.0.2.]

And still in beta:

Virex 6.1 beta is a beta of the Mac OS 9 compatible version of this anti-virus software. Be sure to check out the Known Issues in the Read Me file before using.

DeskTray 1.02b4 is a floating tray that displays all the items on the desktop. This update should no longer crash if there's too many items on the desktop.

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