Utilities Updates: Virex 5.9 (MIA), Transit, AniGax and more

Utilities Updates: Virex 5.9 (MIA), Transit, AniGax and more

Virex 5.9 is not available. It was supposedly briefly online over the week-end (accessible if you had a password). But several readers (including Rich Bukva and John Martin) now report that it has been withdrawn. They were told by NAI that this was due to "legal reasons" involving the name Virex.

Default Folder 2.9.2 is out. It fixes several compatibility problems.

Transit 1.05 is the latest update to a slick looking new ftp client.

AntiGax 1.3 is out. Brian Gore claims that GaxDefender (a component of the AntiGax package) was the cause of system crashes that occured when launching ClarisWorks 4.05.

YankPro 3..0.2 has been released.

DockZone 1.0.7 is out. It adds Mac OS 8.5 compatibility. DockZone delimits an area on the right side of your main screen, where the volumes and the trash are usually located, giving your Desktop a BeOS or Rhapsody look. The control panel lets you customize the dock colors and its width.

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