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Utilities Updates: txt2pdf�7.0; TinkerTool System�1.1; Audio Hijack Pro�1.2.5; more

Utilities Updates: txt2pdf 7.0; TinkerTool System 1.1; Audio Hijack Pro 1.2.5; more

txt2pdf 7.0 is a flexible and powerful converter from text to PDF

TinkerTool System 1.1 is a tool to change advanced OS X settings

Audio Hijack Pro 1.2.5 is a tool to record, enrich, convert audio output of any app

Memory Usage Getter 2.2.2 graphically displays memory/CPU usage

Key Xing 2.6.6 can launch apps, AppleScripts, system actions from the keyboard

PithHelmet 0.7.1 is a Safari plug-in that adds content filtering

  • txt2pdf 7.0
  • TinkerTool System 1.1
  • Audio Hijack Pro 1.2.5
  • Memory Usage Getter 2.2.2
  • Key Xing 2.6.6
  • PithHelmet 0.7.1
  • More from Utilities Updates