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Utilities Updates: Transmit; Data Hammer; Mt. Everything; more

Utilities Updates: Transmit; Data Hammer; Mt. Everything; more

Transmit 1.5.1 is the latest version of this FTP client. It includes support for the new Keychain feature of Mac OS 9, and fixes a crashing bug that affected a small percentage of MacOS 8.6 users.

Data Hammer 2.2.6 is the latest version of this information abstraction/summarization tool. It fixes bugs and is now compatible with Mac OS 9.

Mt. Everything 1.5 is the latest version of this drive/device mounting tool.

QuickStart 1.2 provides three means to open items: via keyboard shortcuts, via a control strip module, and in the Finder via a contextual menu entry. The update adds a contextual menu entry to the Finder strip module, allowing you to open files with any application.

A collection of updates from DragonOne:
EjectMenu 2.2 "enables you to eject a single or all of the mounted removable disks in your system, via menu bar menu, control strip, or contextual menu (Mac OS 9/8)."
FinderMenuTuner 1.1 is an update to this utility that "enables you to add hot keys with combinations of modifier keys (command, option, control, and shift) to most Finder's menu items."
QuickWindow 1.1 "installs a Window menu (and contextual menu under Mac OS 9.0/8.x w/PowerPC) on the Finder's Menu. You can manage all open Finder windows more efficiently by using QuickWindow's Window menu."
Finder Chance 1.1 is "a system extension that intercepts several Finder Menu commands and enables you to decide whether you want to execute the selected command or not."

YER 1.0 (Yellow Error Reference) claims to be "the most complete application to retrieve Mac's error codes." However, unless you are already familiar with the technical jargon it uses, the program will be of little value to you.

Address Book 4.1.2 is now available.

Email Cleaner 1.09 cleans up email and newsgroup text, including fixing word wrapping.

Icon Machine 2.0.1 is the latest update to this 32-bit icon editor.

Pix Lite 1.0 is a QuickTime 4 compatible image-viewer. It is available for a public beta test.

PowerCalc 5.0 is out. It now includes a tape window to record all the calculations that have been entered into PowerCalc.

Dynamic DNS Client 1.1 is out. It adds support for proxy servers that require a password, fixes a cosmetic problem with Mac OS 8.1 and fixes a conflict with the Palm Instant Desktop extension that could cause a system crash.

Griffin iMate 1.71 provides a fix for sleep on PowerBooks with the newer USB Manager version 1.3.x as well as PowerBooks running Mac OS 9. It also fixes a memory error associated with OS 9.

A trio of updates from Keyspan: SX Pro 1.2.2, USB PDA adapter 1.7.2, and USB Serial adapter 1.7.2

Grappler SCSI 940 3.25 is the latest firmware update for this card.

The Modem Puppet Show 1.4 set of modem scripts has been released.