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Utilities Updates: Toast Titanium�6.0.5; Path Finder�3.2.0; Opera�7.50b1; more

Utilities Updates: Toast Titanium 6.0.5; Path Finder 3.2.0; Opera 7.50b1; more

Toast Titanium 6.0.5 is a CD and DVD burning solution. In the new release an Auto-Play option has been added to DVD Video. This option begins playing the first title on the DVD automatically when it is inserted into the player (bypassing the main menu). The new release also adds support for 12x and 16x DVD recorders.

Path Finder 3.2.0 is a Finder-like file manager with integrated utilities. The new release has built-in media burning capability and a new "Connect to Server" mechanism.

Opera 7.50b1 is a Web browser

Mozilla 1.7rc1 is's Web browser. The latest release has a new option to prevent sites using Javascript to block the browser's context menu.

Apple FireWire Audio Driver 1.0.8 is for BeBoB audio devices

Decoder X 3.1.6 decodes MIME, Base64, yEnc, UU and other formats

  • Toast Titanium 6.0.5
  • Path Finder 3.2.0
  • Opera 7.50b1
  • Mozilla 1.7rc1
  • Apple FireWire Audio Drive...
  • Decoder X 3.1.6
  • More from Utilities Updates