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Utilities Updates: TextCleaner; Beehive; Email Merge; Tape; more

Utilities Updates: TextCleaner; Beehive; Email Merge; Tape; more

Text Cleaner Lite 1.6 is now available. This update of the text "cleaning" utility includes a speed increase, improved cleaning sequences and the option to remove PC line feeds.

Beehive ftp forms 2.6 includes a new streaming compression technology for FTP called "On-the-Fly." "Beehive streaming compression can compress graphics files On-The-Fly with compression ratios of up to 30 to 1. Text files are typically compressed about 3 to 1. The Beehive compression algorithm permits the files and folders to be compressed WHILE they are being sent."

Email Merge 1.8 "takes a database and an email message, and combines the two to create customized email messages."

ClearPhonePro 6.1 is out.

CDFinder 2.7 is the latest version of this disk catalog tool. It works with Mac OS 9. It has several new features including a Control Strip module.

SimpleEdit 3.5 "is a more full featured replacement to Apple's SimpleText, including features such as handling more than 32K of text, multiple levels of undo/redo, rectangular selection, search & replace." This update fixes: a Type 2 error when opening documents on certain systems; documents disappearing when hiding SimpleEdit from the Finder; and more.

G4Strip 1.0 is "a Control Strip Module to control the PowerPC7400's back-side cache and display a range of CPU information."

Nu font pack 1.1 is out. It is now available in PostScript and TrueType flavors. This version adds Mac OS 9.0 compatibility.

YA-NewsWatcher 4.2.6 (and YA-Decoder 3.0.1) are now available.

Super NewsGroups 1.03 can archive posts from DejaNews, batch clean up the posts automatically and allow for deletion of archived posts you don't want. It can also batch convert archived files into html.

iSynch 1.3 is "an easy-to-use File Transfer client program specifically made to simplify updating Web sites. It allows synchronization between a local folder on a Mac with a directory on a FTP server."

Window Tamer 2.1 is the latest update of this enhancement utility for Finder windows. It includes several optimizations for Mac OS 9, faster speed and numerous bug fixes.

ForgotIt? 1.1.2 is an alternative to Mac OS 9's Keychain.

Stay Online 1.0 allows you to maintain an active modem connection to the Internet even while you are away from your computer or asleep.

GIFmation 2.3.3 is the latest version of this GIF animation utility. "It fixes a small, but sometimes fatal, interface bug in the preferences dialog so there are no more tricks. If you had trouble setting your alignment preferences before, you won't with the new version."

KeySwapper 1.11 will allow you to use any key(s) you like to emulate other keys that your computer may not have (such as the Forward Delete key, the Page Up key, the End key, function keys F13-F15, Delete, Arrow keys, etc.)! You can also disable the Caps Lock key if you wish.

WebShuttle 1.2, ISDN software, now supports Mac OS 9. (Thanks, Simon Lisney) This should not be confused with another product (by Addonics) also called WebShuttle (thanks, Mitchell Cohen).

VistaScan 3.5.2 , listed on UMAX's UK site, is a maintenance release that primarily adds support for new scanner models.

I Said Shut Down 1.0 is an AppleScript that is a replacement for the Desk Accessory that Apple dropped from Mac OS 9.

Still in beta

  • Tape 1.0b2 is the latest beta of this utility that lets you create Mac OS 9 packages.
  • ROAM 1.51b5 is the latest update to the utility that claims to speed up your "older" Mac by copying the ROM into RAM (mimicking how the iMac and newer desktop Macs work).
  • Digest Viewer 3.0b3 is the latest beta version of "this program that "will display all the messages in a digest message much like an email program would."
  • Extensions Strip 2.0b1 is a public beta of the next version of this utility. Among other things, it adds a contextual menu option.
  • FastEmailCheck Pro 2.0dr7 is out.
  • Sherlock Menu 3.0b1 works with Mac OS 9.