Utilities Updates: TattleTech; GraphicConverter; Writer; iWrite; How Long; My IP; more

Utilities Updates: TattleTech; GraphicConverter; Writer; iWrite; How Long; My IP; more

TattleTech 2.83b5 reports on over 900 system related items. This release adds a fix for the PC133 memory, new color codes, a fix for dual-processor reporting, and Altivec info in the CPU report, and it fixes SCSI related crash under the Mac OS X Classic envoronment.

GraphicConverter 4.0.6 is available. This release includes improvements to the Carbon version and adds the ability to create 128x128 icons. Fixes include a crash on opening JPEGs that look like PICTs, a bug in zoom selection, and others. New features include swf export and lessless mirroring of JPEGs added in the browser.

Writer 2.0 is an enhanced text editor replacement for SimpleText. Changes include numerous interface improvements, a new logo, a new user-selectable "open file on launch" preference, and more.

iWrite 2.0 is a scriptable text editor with custom styles, email, shortcuts, and more. This version adds plugin support, menu icons, more example AppleScripts, frequently used items now appear on the toolbar, and the toolbar is now context sensititive. Other changes include an updated tutorial, a new keylime flavor, and more.

How Long 1.0.3 is a tool to determine how long a Mac has been running. This version includes a Fat Classic version, better font size, window, Carbon support, and a new icon for the Dock.

My IP 1.5.2 displays both the LAN IP and Internet IP.

Writing Direction CSM 1.1 is a Control Strip to change writing direction. This version adds an option to change the font setting.

Fast Mail CM Plugin 2.0 sends files and text via email, without using a client application. This version improves async connections and cache files to avoid memory problems.

SweetMail 2.08f14 is the latest release of this simple email client.

MenuLib 4.0 is a REALbasic plugin to provide extensive control over the Mac OS menu. This version adds Carbon support, speed improvements, and additional documentation.

Mail Agent 1.3.3 is a FileMaker plugin which allows email to be sent directly from a database. This version adds support for the Rich Text Format.

Parlance 0.5 is an offline reader for CIX conferencing.

VueScan 7.0.9 is an alternate film scanner driver for Nikon, Minolta, HP, and others. If the cleaning filter is selected, the infrared channel is enabled if selected device supports it. Also includes improved scan speed and multi-pass alignment on Acer ScanWit 2720S and 2740S, support for infrared channel on Acer ScanWit 2740S, and more.