Utilities Updates: Tape; ClearPhonePro; FavorStrip; more

Utilities Updates: Tape; ClearPhonePro; FavorStrip; more

Tape 1.0 is the release version of this utility for working with Mac OS 9 packages. With this version, Tape no longer resets a folder's creation date to something random. Folder verification features are now fully implemented. And the new BoxCutter CMM removes the package designation from folders.

SmallerFontSmoothing 1.0 patches the Appearance Manager so that you can set the minimum font smoothing size to a value as low as 6 points.

ClearPhonePro 6.1.1 has been released.

FavorStrip 2.3 is the latest update to this Control Strip Module which makes easier launching applications, opening files, accessing folders, disks and servers, and achieving sites which Internet URLs are stored in the Favorites folder in Apple menu.

TapGuard 1.0.1 is an update to the just released extension that prevents the stray clicks that often occur when one's thumbs hit the trackpad while typing on portable Macs. It fixes problems with TapGuard when used in conjunction with Scrollability or other utilities.

PrintToPDF 1.0.1 is out. It fixes several bugs with the previous version of this printer driver that creates PDF files.

Stay Online 1.1.2 is for maintaining an active connection to the Internet even while you are away from your computer or asleep. The update now includes a 'Pause' button.
Keep Me Online 2.5b1 is the latest beta version of another utility with the same function.

KeyQuencer Commands Version 1.0.3 is out. "KeyQuencer Commands are a collection of free extensions for the KeyQuencer automation program. These commands allow you get information about your computer, process text and lists, schedule macros, run macros conditionally, and automate some new tasks."

Quitter 1.6.1 quits any program running on and Restarts or Shuts Down any networked Mac. It also quits the Finder of a local Mac.

Easy Life 1.0.0 saves your files to the desktop and automatically puts them into whatever directory you want.

Gramotki 1.5.11 is the latest version of this notepad utility.

FileDispenser 3.1 "optimizes file management by applying filters when copying or moving files from a Source Folder." The update combines the main window and the watching control panel into one floating window.

OptimaHTML 1.6 is the latest version of this web page cleaning utility. The web page lists the numerous additions and corrections included with the update.

Free Print 3.5 is an "integrated full featured PostScript level 3 RIP."

Live Deskpicture 1.0b3 is the latest beta version of this program that creates a dynamic image of the earth that updates as the world turns. Use it as a desktop background picture.

Wired4DVDInstaller1.2.1 are updated drivers for the Wired4 DVD decoder card. According to Marc Opperman, they appear to have enabled the previously-unavailable sound-out port on the card.

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